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I am using Kaspersky Internet Security as my AV. I am planning to use Vuze+ and I know that Vuze+ has a built-in antivirus powered by Bitdefender. Will it not conflict with my Kaspersky Internet Security?


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I already have antivirus software installed on my computer. How is BitDefender different?
Vuze Plus with BitDefender analyzes your downloads at the point that they enter your system regardless of whether your system's antivirus software is enabled at the time. You cannot accidentally turn Vuze Plus' antivirus protection off, ensuring that you are always torrenting safely. Additionally, while most antivirus software updates its virus database once every day or two, Vuze Plus attempts to update its database six times per day. If new malware starts making the rounds in the morning, by lunchtime Vuze Plus is already working hard to protect your system from it!
Source: FAQ Anti Virus - VuzeWiki
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