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I still need to buy Shadow defender, but if someone know better software please post ;)

Also if someone have any suggestion please post it. Atm i looking for good backup software.



Hello wacek_1984,

These are just my suggestions:

As jamescv7 points out...evaluate Sandboxie on your system. Sandboxie has the advantage of blocking the installation of drivers plus the ability to enforce low access permissions for any apps running in the sandbox.

On my system SBIE has always been problematic so I do not use it any longer. It may turn out to be your best app - so try it out!

I use Emsisoft Internet Security and Shadow Defender on a regular basis for both beta and malware testing...and I have had no need for VM...but that is solely my choice. This setup works very well for me.

You ask about a Shadow Defender alternative. I suppose the closest (English) equivalent is Returnil. If you happen to read Korean (no English version), then there is DiskShot...which, from what I can tell, quite honestly is a bit superior to Shadow Defender.

As far as backup...I suggest Macrium Reflect.

You will get a lot of other feedback here. Everyone has their favorite apps.

Really, there is no substitute for evaluating apps on your own system; what works very well for me might not for you.


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Thanks for all reply!

Sandboxie it's a little expensive atm for me, but now i see it's a great promo for 3pc lifetime for 50$

I know DishShot but i don't speak/read korean, waiting for translation ;)

Thanks for backup suggetion, atm i test Keriver Free.


There is a free version of Macrium Reflect...

There is a free version of Sandboxie...


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My suggestion is to add a Mozilla based browser in case you have a problem with chromium browsers
Thanks for sharing your config