I rarely change the configuration of my computer, if I get bored I usually will re-install the computer or computer hard drive swap with another hard drive that has been previously installed OS
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Nice Configuration Indeed, I gusess its Windows Defender not MSE. Recommended addon for FF is Bitdefender Traffic Light, HTTPS everywhere.!

you're right MSE = Windows XP, Vista and 7, while Windows 8 = Windows Defender, my computer is very limited RAM I only have 2 gigs, I'm trying to install applications to a minimum so as not to overload the computer's performance, I will try your suggestion


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Your configuration is very impressive, walang_sangit!:) I too have a Windows 8.1 system set with similar extensions, though your additional Shadow Defender, Appguard, TuneUp Utilities 2013, & HideIPVPN, give me food for future study!;) I recommend using portable apps such as any additional browsers you might wish to try or, as in my case placing CCleaner & others on a portable flash drive too. Thanks for sharing your config. I only wish I could share some RAM with you too! ;)
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