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    How To Get Your Code
    Simply login (create an account if you haven't done previously) and click the "get serial code" button. You should be allocated a serial code immediately.


    Level 5
    why since long time ago the.zemana.AM.exe is outdated? it is unsupported right now?
    Some thing bad happen on their company ,
    seems some senior Engineer left Zemana , and they don't have enough developer or ability ,
    Zemana already stop upgrade for long time .

    Zemana keep sell their core technology to other , so that is why so many " rebranded " product show up .
    Is not expired. The coupon code is included in a card in the printed edition of the magazine. In fact, this magazine has two editions: the 'normal' and the 'Free software'.
    The problem is without obtaining the magazine code, it is not possible to obtain the software for this giveaway. That is unless someone purchases the magazine and shares the code with us assuming it's not a single use code.


    Level 23
    I just installed this Semana promotion in Shadow mode and the first thing that happened after install is Shadow Defender shut down. I ran the installer by Virus Total and only got one detection so thought it was safe.

    Bill K

    Level 4
    Zemana AntiLogger Premium
    Download: Zemana AntiLogger - The #1 Privacy Protection Software
    Awesome product, thanks so much for sharing it! (y) Been running various security software (BD, ESET, MB, EEK, etc) with scans identifying no issues, but after activating Zemana AntiLogger a scan revealed PUA.FirefoxExt!Gr which it was able to repair. I was surprised to see that since I don't recall ever installing Firefox on this new PC, but I appreciate having this additional security product with real time protection enabled! :emoji_ok_hand: