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Correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I understand, Orion tested the ransomware with Shadow Defender enabled, which hopefully means they don't need to restore from a backup. They are asking for help because they're reporting the problem to Avast and need additional information.
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There were some testers from MT and Avast forums who tested IDP alone with/without internet connection and some variations in results were found.

This has been spoken to avast Devs and situation is normal.Please remember IDP requires web shield and cloud too it's somewhat dependent on it but not entirely.


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Noticed that IDP takes a while before detecting threats as well. Usually if the threat is time sensitive like ransomware then the computer is done for, but if they are trojans that lie and wait for passwords to be keyed in then IDP might actually be useful.

Also like the post on the forum stated, it is detected by filerep, so if you have all your shield on then the malware probably wouldn't be able to execute.

If it was able to execute because you had some shield off, then it's probably your fault.
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