Webroot vs Windows Defender - MRG Test June 2016

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Of course one product will perform better if you disable companion components of the competitor.
WD is designed to work with the other hardening components of the OS, of course it isn't a full suite like Webroot when you remove the built in OS measures that it relies on, its like shooting WD in the foot then testing it in an athletic competition.

MRG had to disable SmartScreen to make Webroot and Windows Defender as equivalent as possible.

SmartScreen will block unsigned\unknown file whereas Webroot will default-allow unsigned\unknown file.

so WSA features should also be disabled to be fair, but it wasn't...


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Mar 15, 2011
Honestly even you are going to read or not the article, the problem here is first the integrity of the test; second the comparison and third the justification.

It seems they need to go back on schooling and understand the concept of research.

Windows Defender is very way simple and in terms of techniques are so far compare on 3rd party programs.


WSA is decent AV. In fact, it is my favorite AV since it is so incredibly light, but since I have no need of AV I don't mess with it very often. I check it once in a while to see what has been added.

Journaling and Rollback is nothing but a fancy uninstaller that will require at least remnant cleanup.
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