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Apr 16, 2017
lol...not even close :)
Even with AWD & launch control turned off it was an easy win for M5, it wasn't even a fight but a massacre.

Mr. Nancy Speaks | American Gods:

Hate the fact that this entire YT channel is not accessible in my country w/o vpn. The guy/gal who made that decision has a special place in hell reserved for them.

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May 4, 2019
When the sun hit the fountain, called Fontana Luminosa “luminous fountain” at just the right angle, the water looks like lava.
Image: In the city of L'Aquila in Italy


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Jul 11, 2018
This is an old anime, but I only recently found out about it. More notable than the story is the overflowing homage. The opening songs all sound familiar.

Sadly, I only got to see maybe the first episode & a few scenes from the anime TV show The Big O back when it came out years ago on Cartoon Network / Adult Swim / Toonami.

Toonami - Big O Longer Promo (1080p HD):

I need to go back and watch all of it one day, thank you for reminding me, @show-Zi.

One thing that stuck with me though was some of the music, like the song Apologize, which I have in my music collection until this day:



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