Windows 10 v1903 Dark vs Light theme?

  • Light theme (v1903 and newer)

    Votes: 12 41.4%
  • Dark theme

    Votes: 17 58.6%
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To those who are successfully upgraded their Windows 10 devices to the latest stable build (May 2019 Update), aka running version 1903. What are your new favorite changes?

These are the new things I've liked so far:
  • Light theme
  • Extra background blur upon login
  • Brightness slider in Notification/Actions, and Right-click to Customize (Edit)

What are yours?

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I didn't know or missed the cursor changes, thanks & I've been faffing with it. For me in the two PC's here & two of my brothers/sister-In-Law's things have gone re-markedly well to the degree none requires a full re-install. MS 'seems' to have made it less of a pain & apart from tidying the start menu up & removing Windows old not much needed to be done. I appreciate that does not always apply for me & others & may not for me in other PC's I end up upgrading? :eek:


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I made another change to make sure Windows search all the files on my system..
Settings, search, searching Windows, enhanced...