Q&A What are your top 5 Privacy Extensions for your browser?


Level 5
Oct 17, 2015
Firefox extensions:
-Kaspersky browser extension with anti-banner and private browsing.
- Firefox multi-account containers
- Enchanced tracking protection in-built from firefox with all 3rd party cookies blocked
- Caché deleted on exit.

With this config enchanced traking protection from firefox has priority over kaspersky anti-banner and makes the load more quickly. Using containers is best to avoid breaking websites and the formula to keep isolated all my browsing habits.


Level 9
Apr 16, 2017
I was looking at netcraft yesterday and "tested" its phishing with
links to test various browser security features (thanks to AndyF for reminding me of the link)
if it does block phishing test page, what is it doing in real-time browsing? Or is their "philosophy" we don't have to prove it works on standard test site?? IIRC malwarebytes was like that in the past not blocking eicar tests... not sure about that now a days.

lately liking ClearURLs (thanks oldschool)


Level 21
Malware Tester
Feb 25, 2017
I have installed AdGuard on my laptop and mobile. And I am quite happy with its browser extension that blocks all types of online threats as well as tracking elements.
This is the only privacy extension that I use. This extension can also be installed independently.
Is it just me or did the screw up the new version? I am using the Windows version and not the extension, and it doesn't seem to properly block Pop-ups anymore. :(