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I've only had positive experiences using Private Firewall, and near the beginning of 2014 (as a new member) I distinctly recall exterminator20's encouraging support when I'd chosen it from among a handful of free firewalls I'd read about here on MT.:):) We needed a good firewall for our Windows XP SP 3 of which it's native firewall was sorely insufficient.:(
Private Firewall does it's job well, and this comes from a member whom likes adjusting settings (all are set to max) although I've not yet learned to truly optimize it's performance.:rolleyes:
Apart from it's reliability, I do agree with my good friend, Rahadian,:) as it does in fact look like something out of kindergarten!!:D ...but if kindergarteners find themselves walking away scratching their heads, it would still be doing it's job quite well right out of the box.:cool: ..err, or download.;)
:D :D

Yep its a good firewall program, I do like it once :)
I do highly recommended it to my friends which still using windows Xp OS, but again..every time I look on tray icon, kinda reminds me of this picture :D
Its not a big deal for me though ;)



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I really don't get the "Privatefirewall is ugly!", "7-Zip is ugly!", etc comments.

Like if you want to stand up for simple GUIs! :D
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