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Big tech companies collect a wide variety of information on their users, which can include personal data such as your name and email address, information on the device you’re using, browsing and search histories, your likes and preferences, videos you watch, purchases you’ve made, and so much more.

One of the more eyebrow-raising pieces of information that a handful of these tech companies collect is facial recognition data. TikTok is currently under fire for storing users’ facial geometry without their knowledge, while Facebook paid $550 million to settle a facial recognition lawsuit earlier this year.

Microsoft and Amazon were also among the small group of companies that were found to collect facial recognition information. Amazon recently announced that they will stop allowing police to use this technology for one year, while Microsoft has never sold this technology to police and won’t until there is a national law in place to regulate it.

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Just look at the matrix table below and see what info the big tech companies are collecting from you.

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