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Jan 9, 2017
Daum potplayer. + VSO Media Player
With this settings u will never change player ;)
video preferences :
video renderer = evr custom preset
vmr9/evr scaler = dxva-hd video processor
direct3d presentation = direct3d 9ex copy mode present

audio preferences :
audio renderer = default directsound device
speakers = dolby prologic II , bits = 24 bits
resample = same as input
normalize to matrix
expand stereo to center
expand stereo surround

playback preferences :
default window size : fullscreen stretch
default window aspect ratio : do not use
process priority : high

install lav filters.
in filter control preferences :
go to filter control -> source/splitter and click filter management on right side bottom.
click scan. then it present all filters available in pc. select lav video decoder, lav audio decoder and
lav splitter source if they are not selected.
and then change the following
filter control preferences :
source / splitter : chose lav splitter for all video formats on right side except for real file format.
video decoder : chose lav video decoder for all video formats on right side except h265.
audio decoder : chose lav audio decoder for all file formats on right side.

go back to filter control -> video decoder again and click Built-in codec /dxva settings
check use dxva on right side.
on bottom for dxva 2 copy-back option chose dx9 auto

you are done with settings. restart player.
optionally you can change bright, contrast , color , sharpness and audio equalizers to your prefered tastes in player or when running a video.
you can save all these settings by clicking "export current presets" option on bottom of preferences. it saves settings in a registry file which you can use to restore when you messed up settings or re-installed windows, pot player and lav filters.

if you use these settings perfectly , you never go for any other player believe me.
pot link:
Global Potplayer
lav filters link:
Releases · Nevcairiel/LAVFilters · GitHub
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Aug 30, 2012
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if u compare windvd pro quality playback vs pot player u will see pot suck:d
Most media players implement the same codecs for decoding videos nowadays. Playback quality doesn't have anything to do with the player itself whether you're using BSPlayer, Media Player Classic, Pot Player, KMPlayer, VLC, GOM or some paid alternative.
Apr 9, 2017
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Windows 8.1
I search for player who can, enlarge the subtitles displayed in the video