Level 1
Arabic language.. I love to hear the way their pronunciation..Especially, I love to hear Quran reading..I don't understand what they say..But, i like the way they pronounce..It's very different..sounds come from deep of the Arabic songs too..I haven't heard such an deep sounded language than Arabic..
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Level 17
I am a Pole, I live in the south of Poland, very close to the Czech Republic.
I like my mother tongue but I also like English and German.
Besides, I also like to listen to other languages, but I don't understand them.
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Level 26
Regarding letters, not words, I think emojis are hieroglyphs revived in modern times. It is possible to transmit with high accuracy without using translation. I think the disadvantage of hieroglyphs is that they are more sensitive to the ability and effort of the writer. Emojis that can be entered with your fingertips are also excellent in that respect.

Japan has a lot to do with emoji culture. Therefore, it seems that there are some pictograms that are unknown to people overseas.
After all, translation may be necessary.:D