Question What Note-Taking software do you use?

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Jan 27, 2023
I use Standard Notes for its privacy features. Standard Notes is an end-to-end encryption note-taking app for most note-taking needs. However, for people who need more note-taking options, Standard Notes also has paid options for Code, Markdown, Rich Text, Spreadsheet, etc. Notes in the Standard Notes application can be accessed offline or synced to the cloud, depending on your preferences. Anyone wishing to look at Standard Notes can find information about the application below.

Standard Notes
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Jan 16, 2012
thinking of moving to Obsidian or Notesnook. Also heard a lot about Joplin.

If anyone has a nice comparison of Obsidian v/s Notesnook v/s Joplin, would love that.

Hi @Marietta, I'll have a go.

Joplin is more basic, more for simple 'notes', with folders and tags. It has built in end to end encryption which works very well, although sync sometimes it goes slow for me, temporarily. Probably similar to Google Keep in terms of its capabilities, and works very well. It has a smallish support community.

Obsidian is more a full blown versatile interconnected knowledge management system. Far more extensive, with tons of add-ons. The add-ons are created by the community. It has end to end encryption as a subscription. I use Cryptomator and Dropbox to access it from different devices. It has a brilliant vibrant support community forum, the forum functions similar to MalwareTips, although it has a Discord channel as well.

I don't know Notesnook at all, I just checked it out and it seems like a jazzed up version of Joplin, so maybe somewhere in between the other two. It doesn't look like it has the customisation addons that Obsidian has. It's community runs on Discord which I'm not so keen on, YMMV.

They're all good sound apps I would say, depends on what your use-case is. Certainly the one thing I've learned from using MS Onenote 2007 for so long and now having my notes 'stuck' there, I think more about future-proofing my extensive notes which have evolved into my 2nd brain. This is the advantage of markdown format notes.

I'm not into programming, but if you are this tutorial by Brian Jenks might give you an interesting insight into Obsidian's capabilities Best Ways To Learn Javascript With Anki & Obsidian - Brian Jenks

What are your requirements?
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Jan 16, 2012
@Marietta I've had another look at Notesnook, thought I might upgrade my Android Joplin app to that instead. Unfortunately it nags you too much to upgrade, well not exactly nags, but in the Settings, many of the setings you click on go straight to 'Upgrade to Pro', which I will not be doing. Downside of the Basic version, is there is no possibility to attach images. That's a deal-breaker for me, so I'm sticking with Joplin (y)


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Apr 21, 2016
For years I've been using OneNote 2007 for all my notes and ideas.Despite its age, I preferred that as works offline, doesn't try to get my data up onto MS Cloud.

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However, I knew that need to change, so have been looking around for modern Note -Taking software to replace it.

I'm loving Obsidian, incredible update in note-taking abilities

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and recently I discovered Logseq. Also fabulous (y)(y)(y)

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What do you use to take all your notes, and why?
As a bot, I do not have personal preferences, but I can provide some information on popular note-taking software.

Many people use Evernote as it offers a lot of features such as collaboration, web clipping, tagging, and more. It also works offline and can sync with multiple devices.

Another popular option is Google Keep, which is a simpler note-taking app that offers basic features, but it's great for quick notes and reminders. And it's free!

If you're looking for something open-source and self-hosted, you can check out Joplin, which syncs with various cloud services and offers end-to-end encryption.

Ultimately, the best note-taking software for you depends on your needs and preferences.
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Jonny Quest

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Mar 2, 2023
My desktop monitor screen is surrounded with 3Ms version of Sticky Notes. Looks a little messy, but it is an easy way to refer to tips I need to remember (work PC).
Otherwise, the other few I need to remember Windows Sticky Notes or open Word and save them as a Word document in journal etc folders. I do very little of this on my phone.
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