Q&A What service do you use for your primary e-mail?

What service do you use for your primary e-mail?

  • Gmail

  • Outlook.com

  • Yahoo! Mail

  • Yandex.Mail

  • Proton Mail

  • iCloud Mail

  • ZOHO Mail

  • GMX.com

  • Tutanota

  • Other (specify in post)

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ForgottenSeer 85179

Could be what the online reviews say:
No PGP support.

But their blog outlines the reasons, Security measures to look out for in a secure email service.
Well PGP never get successful and leak a lot of data even if used so it's not a solution. Email wasn't designed for privacy nor security. "Extensions" like that doesn't solve that.

I would not mind paying for one like postdeo, but I do not want to end up without a service, because of a failed payment, thus I prefer a free one.
I use Posteo for years and never has any problems. You get a info if payment is needed and if it was successful. Also you can see all billing stuff in account.

None of these paying services would disable the account without any warning.
I prefer paying over free mail as the free are too slow (like Disroot / Dismail) and somehow the server need to be payed - with money in the end.

Marko :)

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Aug 12, 2015
Someone sends an email and it never arrives, nor returns as undelivered. I tried hotmail, live, outlook 3 times and it always happened. Imagine bills. :confused:
Well, that's strange. From what e-mail provider mails never arrive? If you have mail which took long to arrive, you can analyze header with Message Header Analyzer. It will tell why it took so long for mail to come.

I've experienced that when using some less popular e-mail services, but never on Gmail and Outlook.com.
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Aug 4, 2016
I use Outlook mainly, to some degree I'm stuck with it as I've used it for so long that many things in my life are tied up with it, I have two Gmail accounts I have to keep alive for the same reason - Recently due to changing ISP which is long term I have the ability to use Virgin Media mail - I mostly access mail through Thunderbird with option of Outlook 365 (not installed at moment as I hate it)

Recently Outlook is really good at blocking legitimate mail & lets junk through - I was trying out a VPN the other day for fun which used a virtual server in UK, once I did send & receive it blocked all three outlook accounts & I had to recover & change password, an hour or so - Good reason for going paid, but again still stuck with outlook.


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Jun 14, 2020
Fastmail and to shake the spam Simple login to use various email aliases on throwaway domains I own.
I've used Fastmail for yeeaars, and had not a single problem.


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Nov 26, 2017
Posteo: I used it for years. The only problem was the spam filter. They don't have any.
Outlook: I used it for years. I had no problem. Recently switched back to gmail.
Mailbox.org: Emails never arrived nor received. I don't recommend it.
Mailfence: Tried a couple of times but I have no real experience. Seemed oke-ish.
Protonmail: I had no problem. Also was a paid customer. the pm domain is very good.
Tutanota: They blocked me a couple of times for no reason. lol
Gmail: Probably the best email service out there. Privacy? I don't care. Security-wise gmail is very good.

For me Gmail is the clear winner but outlook or protonmail are also good.
Important thing is the name of the email provider. If people ask your email they won't understand the posteo, protonmail, tutanota etc domains.
They only know the gmail and outlook domains. Protonmail could work with the "pm" domain.


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Mar 12, 2020
My first email ever was Yahoo, I still use it and usually it's more for work. Second email was made on Outlook, I use that one for games and things like that. Last one is Gmail and I find it super nice and easy to find/use