What service do you use for your primary e-mail?

  • Gmail

  • Outlook.com

  • Yahoo! Mail

  • Yandex.Mail

  • Proton Mail

  • iCloud Mail

  • ZOHO Mail

  • GMX.com

  • Tutanota

  • Other (specify in post)

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Marko :)

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As primary, I mean for official communication with people, as well as companies. I use Outlook.com because it was only e-mail service that had good name available for registration. That e-mail address isn't given to anyone and isn't registered anywhere except on Google. Both accounts are secured with strong password and 2FA. I have two more pseudonyms on that Outlook.com account; first one is used for official communication with people and companies. Second is used for communication with friends.

With all of that, I use Gmail too. Since Gmail e-mail addresses never expire and once deleted, cannot be used again, I'm using it for important stuff like banking etc. All e-mails received on Gmail are automatically forwarded to my Outlook.com account with copy kept on Gmail. And yes, this e-mail is also well protected.

And lastly, I want to mention local e-mail service, unknown to you. It's from local news portal here and I have bunch of other e-mail addresses there. They are for registering on different forums and websites that I don't find trustworthy or important (and won't accept Guerrilla Mail). This is the worst e-mail service by far because of it's uptime, problems, spam, non-existent support, poor security, missing support for sending mails via client and account recycling (your account is automatically deleted if you don't sign in for 100 days). This particular e-mail service costed a lot of people losing accounts such as Facebook, because upon expiration, you can immediately register it again and you'll get mail from different people who previously owned it.

All in all here are my pros and cons of Outlook.com and Gmail.


+ Great looking UI
+ Great mobile app
+ Compatibility with clients
+ Ability to make pseudonyms
+ Strong security
+ 15 GB space separate from cloud

- Contains more ads than Gmail
- A lot of unneccessary features you can't turn off
- Facebook tracking in mobile app
- E-mail addresses recycling


Most popular e-mail service
+ Easy to use
+ Plenty of tools and settings
+ E-mail addresses never recycled
+ Well integrated with other Google's services

- Problematic mobile app
- All good usernames taken
- 15 GB counts towards Google Drive account
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Some people are reluctant to use Gmail because of privacy concerns. If you want to keep your email correspondance away from government snooping, or avoid being tracked online, then it may not be the best service. Providers such as Protonmail may offer more protection.

On the other hand, Gmail offers excellent (best-in-class) Spam filtering and other strong security. It's maintained by a large, well funded organisation and benefits from strength in numbers with feedback from millions of customers. Therefore, I think its a very good choice for everyday use.


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I use multiple gmail as primary. But, I still have a lot of stuff tied to a 20+ year old yahoo account. I use it mostly for services which are going to spam me marketing. But there’s a few subscriptions that it’s attached to that I use regularly. Their security made huge leaps after the last hack. I use my phone as my login key and get a log in request every 6 months from someone trying to use my old hacked info. Kind of nice to know every time someone tries to use it. I do t use it for anything outside of logins. One day I may take the week or so it’ll take to change all my accounts to a non-yahoo email.


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My filtering: Gmail (Spam) > Azet.sk (painfully slow service, half spam/half serious) > Mail.ru (Main)
I am still looking for a free email, but there is none. ZOHO and GMX ignore me, Outlook looses emails.
What else have you used and disliked?

What do you require from the free email service?

Are you using Web, Mobile or Desktop clients?


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Secure emails are problematic and limited. Protonmail - 150 messages per day. Tutanova gave me some grief as well, besides being privacy unfriendly.
Disroot will not let me register. Dismail - I would never rely on email run by one person, he wakes up on a bad side of the bed and shuts down the service.
That's the cost of free.
But I wonder why you say Tutanota has unfriendly privacy. More info?