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Aug 17, 2014
Mozilla will release Firefox 85.0 Stable and Firefox 78.7 ESR later today to the public (if you are reading this on January 26, 2021). The new Firefox versions are distributed via the web browser's built-in automatic updating system and as a direct download on Mozilla's main website.

Stable and ESR releases go hand in hand with development build releases. Firefox Beta and Firefox Developer are upgraded to version 86, and Firefox Nightly to version 87. Firefox Android uses the same versioning scheme as Firefox Stable for the desktop, which means that it will be upgrade to Firefox 85.0.

Executive Summary​

  • Firefox 85.0 is the first major Firefox release of 2021.
  • Flash support is removed from Firefox.
  • Firefox 85 and Firefox 78.7 fix security issues.

Read more below about new features:


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Oct 9, 2016
Just updated. It's available on internal updater now.




- Firefox now protects you from supercookies, a type of tracker that can stay hidden in your browser and track you online, even after you clear cookies. By isolating supercookies, Firefox prevents them from tracking your web browsing from one site to the next.
- It’s easier than ever to save and access your bookmarks. Firefox now remembers your preferred location for saved bookmarks, displays the bookmarks toolbar by default on new tabs, and gives you easy access to all of your bookmarks via a toolbar folder.
- The password manager now allows you to remove all of your saved logins with one click, as opposed to having to delete each login individually.


- Various security fixes.


- Firefox no longer supports Adobe Flash. There is no setting available to re-enable Flash support.
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Oct 1, 2019
I used temporary containers with auto-isolate and clear after tab close to prevent cross site tracking using the browser's cache mecahanism (temporary containers puts website data in seperate containers and auto clears them when you close the tab). Now Firefox 85 has out-of-the-box super cookie protection (y)

After hardening Firefox for my brother I kept using Firefox with uBO in medium mode and Bypass Paywals add-ons as a newspaper reader. Circumventing paywalls to read content is certainly not the action I am most proud of in my life, but it helps me to pay other bills (the quality newspapers Volkskrant and NRC are mostly read by well off social democrats and liberal democrats, so their readers might forgive me for that).


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May 14, 2019
even with those enabled, the test page still fails..
Naturally. ECH is not same thing as ESNI. ECH is evolution of ESNI. What you're doing is ESNI test and naturally it fails it.

From Mozilla: "To address the shortcomings of ESNI, recent versions of the specification no longer encrypt only the SNI extension and instead encrypt an entire Client Hello message (thus the name change from “ESNI” to “ECH”). Any extensions with privacy implications can now be relegated to an encrypted “ClientHelloInner”, which is itself advertised as an extension to an unencrypted “ClientHelloOuter”. Should a server support ECH and successfully decrypt, the “Inner” Client Hello is then used as the basis for the TLS connection. This is explained in more detail in Cloudflare’s excellent blog post on ECH."