Q&A What's your favorite Uninstaller?


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Dec 4, 2014
Total Uninstall and HiBit are my favourite uninstallers. In my experience, Total Uninstaller is the best uninstaller there is. It's not cheap, but in this case you definitely do get what you pay for. It creates before and after snapshots when installing software, so that is has a record of every file and registry key created by the installer, it can then use that information to remove all leftovers traces, after uninstalling that software. When using snapshots, It's possible that other unrelated changes to the system which happen when installing software will get logged too. However, despite this, I've found TU safe enough to let it remove every file and registry key it wants to, without the need to manually uncheck anything first. I tested pretty much ever installer which uses snapshots, before buying TU and I found it to be the best.

I use TU on my main system and on others I use HiBit. There is a lot to like about HiBit. It's free and does an excellent job of finding leftovers and even can track the changes made when installing software, by using snapshots, which is a feature usually only found in paid uninstallers. It is very regularly updated and whenever a new version has been released, as soon as HiBit is launched, it gives you to option for it automatically download and install the new version. The author, @HiBitSoftware is an active member here and is quick to fix bugs I report and add the improvements I suggest. On occasion, it will want to delete things it shouldn't, so it makes sense to pay attention to the leftovers it finds, before letting it remove anything and unchecking anything that shouldn't be deleted. It's important to note, that this is an issue to varying degrees for all uninstallers which scan for leftovers. So, you should use any such uninstaller with caution, rather than letting them delete every single file and registry key they think should be deleted.

I used to like IObit a lot, but HiBit typically finds a lot more leftovers. If you use the Pro version of IObit, it can automatically monitor some installations, which is a nice feature. But it can't monitor all installers and as I mentioned, for software it hasn't monitored, the scan for leftovers does not work very well. As a result, while I think that the paid Pro version (which you can more often than not get for free as a giveaway) has some use, the free version, which lacks install monitoring is not worth using anymore.
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Apr 3, 2019
I have Iobit Uninstaller and Soft Organizer installed in my Windows PC. I get those in giveaways frequently. I use Iobit more.

Revo was my first 3rd party uninstaller but stopped using as 64 bit support was not available in the free version. Now it is available, so need to give it a try. I was also not aware of Hibit Uninstaller. May be I shall give it a try too.
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