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I know what I am about to right is polemic, but deserve to be discussed.

There're thousands of publications, from windows developers and independent ones, demonstrating and explaining that registry keys left for programs have any impact in the system.
A program like HiBit, and others, will impact the system and take resources from the system to make snapshots and create a database off the installation.
Why you prefer impact the system, when is no visible benefit in using an uninstaller?
I am not an example I have a lot of applications ta are only aesthetic and impact the system, but I am the first to admit the fact.

Sorry for my bad English, now the moderators will banned me for creating a polemic discussion. :p


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I like Revo Uninstaller Pro, because it monitors programs during their installation and it cleans leftovers that remain on the PC after programs' official uninstallers. I don't remember any official uninstaller, that wouldn't leave traces at the end of the uninstall. Up to now, Revo always found some leftovers and it didn't delete necessary files or registry items. But even in this case, I expect it shouldn't be a big problem, because a restore point is created by the program just before starting the cleaning.


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I have used Revo before but IObit Uninstaller is my favorite. As per my experience, I am able to completely remove all applications. A very useful feature is that I can occasionally bulk remove as I keep testing many applications. I am presently using version 9 but I read that version 10 pro is a bit better. Planning to upgrade to the new version this weekend.


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It's much better than IObit.
I personally perfer Hibit too, but I'm not sure if you can say that it's much better. Iobit has still some advantages like the Uninstall Monitor, so when you uninstall software with the Windows built in uninstaller, it still detects some files that windows didn't catch and asks you to remove them. I'd say the only problems with Iobit products are the annoying ads and the bad reputation since some years. Just my personal opinion. :)