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Excellent development and progress, but personally, I don't need such program.

My current security and existing knowledge has helped me stay Aware of new and emerging threats, but even with back-ups, it's likely that either security or human error will fail me.

Crystal Security may be useful for many others Windows users.

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i posted my opinion in the original thread after a brief checking out
I have been toying with 3.7 portable in a VM
it's actually a pretty good VT scanner, but there are some major issues with it
for one, why is the sample allowed to run while the VT scan is not complete and there is no result?
and for two, there are samples that come back clean/without VT results, meanwhile process explorer is showing VT results of 24/70
UI is pretty good, really light, but i just can't understand why let the process run when there is no verdict on it, it can be too late by the time it comes back.
rather just have a window that says that the execution is delayed than letting it run..
imo this is a pretty good contender for people that are looking for a sig checker for their CF combo, @Evjl's Rain
informative popups also, i like the detailed info.
also an option to rescan an executable on cloud from UI maybe?
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