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Apr 1, 2019
well avg has a stupid ui glitch as it shows only big updates and then the rest of the hourly updates are not shown at the ui and it kindda gets into my nerves
I don’t think that’s a bug. They only update the full engine once or twice a day, but do streaming updates constantly. The main ui just shows the last full update and you have to dig into the settings to see when the last streaming update was.


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Oct 27, 2019
The question of which Antivirus is a million Dollar question :D

Personally I would try to choose 2-3 option between all others. I would consider what other members here mentioned (as they are pretty experienced) and also I would consider and AVComperatives results, although not all the time their results would actually show the real-world scenarios.

Then I would install the Trial version of my selected Brands and will see if the GUI, features, performance and in general the user experience would satisfy me.

The second important fact to consider is the Privacy. Some brands might not be suitable for your country and in general when it comes to the privacy some brands have a bad reputation. I might select a different brand if I would live in the US or Russia or EU countries.



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May 3, 2015
I'll keep an eye out.. :)
Shouldn't performance improve over time?

That's a good question. Most modern security products will decrease resource usage after a few days as it completes its database of known files in your computer, whatever each product calls this. An increase in resource usage would be completely unexpected and could indicate a conflict with a new driver or hardware...

Also this is why you never should rage uninstall a product because it has a high resource usage just after installing... wait at least for a week before deciding.

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