Which Antivirus has the best signatures?

In your opinion, who has the best signatures?

  • Avira

    Votes: 13 7.6%
  • Sophos

    Votes: 1 0.6%
  • Kaspersky

    Votes: 77 44.8%
  • BitDefender

    Votes: 19 11.0%
  • ESET

    Votes: 26 15.1%
  • Emsisoft

    Votes: 17 9.9%
  • Avast

    Votes: 7 4.1%
  • Reason Core

    Votes: 1 0.6%
  • Other (Specify)

    Votes: 11 6.4%

  • Total voters


Level 10
Jan 17, 2014
Never Used Eset so I can't really say anything about their signatures.
Never Used Emsisoft besides their Emergency kit and it was amazing.

Used Avira which had stellar Sig's back a handful of years ago.
Used Bitdefender which has amazing signatures
Used Avast which has pretty solid Signatures

Now I've been with KFA for awhile and Its king now. Low FP as well make it even better.


Staff Member
Malware Hunter
Jul 22, 2014
to be fair, according to so many tests (only static results) I have seen in MT hub, the 2 AVs which have the best signatures are: kaspersky and ESET. The time of testing is considered
I have to say, emsisoft and bitdefender no longer have the best detection rates, in fact, far from kaspersky and ESET
avira without cloud has lower detection rate than kaspersky and ESET, no joking
kaspersky has better signatures for malwares but ESET has much much better PUP detection rate
I agree with @Evil's rain.
On static they update faster their signatures compared to other Av according to my test, the HUB and many online articles/tests...BB is another story....


Level 15
Top Poster
Content Creator
Sep 1, 2017
I am a firm believer in AVAST and Kaspersky in signatures. I voted for Kaspersky because they tend to have a leg up on a lot of their competition. Who would have thought a Russian made AV would be so great? Being in the Information Technology industry I believe Kaspersky does things right when it comes to sigs. in their endpoints for businesses - in my humble opinion. Kaspersky is much better than much of the endpoints out there from a business prospective.
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Level 10
Jan 17, 2014
Signatures are so 2010 It's all about behavior AI.(y)

To a extent. While behavioral monitoring/detecting is a very integral part of any complete package nowdays. It's not 100% foolproof
so it should not be completely relied upon.

Signature detection will always have a home. Atleast for now.

ForgottenSeer 58943

Yep, we used it but despite its high detection rate (rivaling with Kaspersky or Avira at that time), it gave way too much false positives. We decided to replace it by BD because we want our users not to be annoyed and worried about such issues.

I have to say, if classic detection by signature was so amazing, we won't see all vendors adding Behavior Blockers, HIPS or sandboxes and now machine learning to their products.
Emsisoft was among the first to introduced IDS (Intrusion Detection System) into A-Square AM (EAM's predecessor ) in 2005, then followed by the creation of a standalone BB called Mamutu in 2007 which will be associated to the first dual-engine anti-malware (EAM) a year later .
Detection is important but prevention is better. :)

I remember A2 and working closely with that guy back then, can't remember his name, something like Andreas or whatever.

Anyway, I actually miss the Ikarus engine. Bit Defender is too common for my tastes and is in too many alternative products. Although I will say IMO Emsisoft is the best incarnation of BD because of the BB/HIPS/EAM components - if one is to choose a product.


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Aug 4, 2016
I don’t know which AV has the best sigs but I've voted for Emsisoft, I think I’ve used every AV there is as used windows since 3.1 & personally find Kaspersky somewhat intrusive but just MHO - I would probably put ESET as good which is on my Laptop. I really like the way Emsisoft runs. I have other protection as well but that's my 10p worth.
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Level 9
Mar 25, 2014
Not sure why no one but me is voting for Reason Core. I can't get over their 20% file detection and 0% web protection signatures. It is truley remarkable.
This is the first time I've heard about ReasonCore. I looked it up and, surprisingly, they have a security suite, but the reviews that came up are not very encouraging. I don't know what to think about this company. Should I try Reason Premium?


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