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This thread is pointless, as pointed out, one does not or should not use something they do not trust. As far as governments go, they all do the same thing.


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you worry about the AV when microsoft is collecting all your data.
once you install windows you been tracked by big MS
If you use MSE you are not adding any more tracking than you already have assuming you are using Windows. Adding a third party vendor could be adding more tracking/spying.


I trust Kaspersky, why, because Russia hates the US and would never allow the NSA to access their software, nor allow them access via a back-door.
We are not in 1960s or 1970s (Cold War), do not think that Russians are still talking about Marxism in their council :D
Enable KSN and enjoy your safety ;) but not privacy.. because all companies collects some from us. We are in cloud age.


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I was just wondering what you people are doing on the net that you are so worry or afraid to be caught?
for cracking windows or adobe you shouldn't be worry so it's probably something much worst.
I'm not even hiding my name.
I dont think any of you or me should have 100% privacy, otherwise we all will be in bad world.

so it's not so bad to have some kind of control over all the sick people on the net.
to prevent a bad activity like terror child abuses it's a good thing to have control.
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In regards to "accepting installation on my system"... I'll go with Emsisoft and BitDefender.
In regards to "trust", I chose "none of 'em"...

The proof is in the pudding people. Not one of us has one and only one security software application installed, or just one package installed that combines anti-[x], firewall, virtualisation etc... If we did in fact have one and only one, that would justify the "trust" statement. We all have our favourites, and then come the 2nd opinion/on-demand scanners, and then come the "better be safe than sorry" set of 3rd scanners.

Logic dictates placing trust in these apps is a recipe for disaster. However, believing that the application one uses actually works and does what it is designed to do (without transmitting your life story to the applications favourite CDN) is a mountain that is easier to conquer.


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I do not trust anyone but we need their services, just as we need an operator to the mobile phone.
since they protect my computer...

being spied on by the USA or the china is me completely indifferent...

sometimes I do not trust myself, that's what worries meo_O
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