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The fact that you plan on using it for your business would make me wary of any VPN provider that isn't owned by a reputable, well-known company with proper accountability.
With that in mind I'd suggest TunnelBear. It's got a version specifically aimed at businesses, has gone through multiple security audits, has a coherent privacy policy, and is owned by McAfee, whom I've no doubt you've heard of before.

This is just my take and I'd suggest doing your own research to see whether it's a good fit for you and your business. No doubt others will have their own suggestions.


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Check with your Business ISP and see if they offer any VPN packages.

Also, other information that may be helpful: A guide to VPN for businesses - BT Business (UK)

What are the benefits of a VPN?

Here’s a quick run through of why we think a VPN is a good thing:
  • You can connect geographically dispersed offices with a secure network
  • They’re great for flexible working
  • People can use the intranet while they’re travelling
  • VPNs are quick to deploy so you can get new people up and running in a jiffy
  • They’re scalable, so they can grow with your business and future-proof your network
  • They’re cheaper than implementing a WAN over a private network

Does my business need a VPN service?

If you’ve got more than one site, or people working outside the office who need to access the office systems, a VPN is a must-have.

A VPN will give everyone access to your secure, internal network from wherever they can get an internet connection – the middle of the city, a windblown corner of an industrial estate, or in a bucolic idyll in the countryside. It makes flexible working a more attractive proposition, and it’s scalable so that the network can grow with your business.


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I have been using business VPN for almost a year together with my co-workers and it is absolutely worth having business VPN instead of b2c VPN. We use NordVPN Teams and it gives us features such as:
Centralized billing
Licence transferability
User administration
Access to control panel
Third-party login options
Dedicated account manager
Dedicated servers
Custom gateways
And these are great features, they lighten our work.