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Both are great, but I think ESET is more of install and let it go. Kaspersky is a bit heavier on resources but also a solid protection with a great firewall if you get the internet security version.

Tony Cole

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100% Kaspersky, I've used their software for 4yrs and never had a single issue nor caught a single virus. With the application control set at untrusted your laptop/PC is bullet proof. Yes ESET is very good, but you will never beat Kaspersky.


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What i have noticed about Kaspersky it does use more disc than Eset, and that it uses alot more Ram when scaning. With 8gb ram on fresh windows instal with Kis ram usage in idle is aprox. 1500 mb, and with Nod32 v8 its 1 gb, just like without any AV software. ESET is just much more performance friendly. If that apsect is not a concern than both are really good at protection. At protection i would give veeryy slight advantage to KIS, but ESET can also be very well adjusted.


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Since you have the license key for ESET NOD, wait before you use it. Like purshupro, our ESET License is about to expire; but if I'd begun with their thirty day trial,o_O I would have continued with it through March rather than ending in February!:rolleyes:
As @yigido pointed out, "..everyone supports their AVs as they would their favorite football teams:D"! You can choose both 'teams' if you'd like (that's 60 days of free realtime protection) and bet on both without having to spend any $$. It's a win win situation.:cool:

Personally, we use ESET NOD with Windows Firewall and it is a very light combination, although I may be installing Kaspersky very soon as the clock is running down on ESET!:(
Wait...,:confused: I can still use their 30 day trial too!!:D


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If we are pertaining to the performance then ESET > Kaspersky may go on that case, however if you have stable computer specifications then that's not the problem.

In terms of components Kaspersky has solid Application Control for possible of hardening them by set to untrusted. Meanwhile ESET as a HIPS which design for experience users.

Prevention they came with pretty good performancd with a slight difference to them vice versa.


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You can't compare NOD32 with a "internet Security Suite".
NOD32 is a pure AV, no firewall.
Kaspersky is a mostly preinstalled 90 days trial that comes with a minimum of 3 instances on your computer.
Lenovo, Acer and alot of other come with that out of the box.
Will keep annoying you, to buy the whole set.
Even if you remove all of the AV and security stuff, you will keep the "Control Center" that you cant uninstall.
I use ESET since ages and can just recommend that.
For a mobile device use SMART Security, for a Stationary device use Endpoint AV to make sure you dont't interfeer with server or database instances.
Kaspersky, Norton and alot of other try to filter https access in your browser.
But basically they [removed]ed it up and make the protocol insecure by their interfearance.
ESET can do the same, but the function is disabled.
My choice is clear.


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I think ESET is great for home users, good performance and great protection, fast detection of new threats and many update( daily ),

Kaspersky is great, but in some systems is heavy ...and the tests I have seen ESET detects more and better than kaspersky, in resume ESET has good performance.

...thoughts of a happy ESET user:D
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