Which is better in PROTECTION?

  • Emsisoft Antimalware 9

    Votes: 45 90.0%
  • Webroot Antivirus 2014

    Votes: 5 10.0%
  • Total voters
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Yesterday,one of my friend complaining about slowness of his Laptop.So we tried Webroot and amazingly its pre-install scan did a nice job.Its removed 50+ infections.

So my vote is to the Webroot..
It's a tough choice, both are excellent products and both has + and -
Emsisoft has better BB in my opinion so probably better 0 day protection.
While on webroot I like how it's work, speed and control, but OP didn't asked about "Light" here, so my suggestion is before we deciding which one is better in terms of protection, first we need how the Av works.

On Webroot, I like how I can control windows firewall easier, I'm not a fan of HIPS based firewall, so webroot simply suit my need here.
Also, some people said Webroot cannot being used for full scan, deep scan, custom scan etc and it's wrong.
(Keep in mind my post didn't mean directly to OP, it's general statement)

And if for some reason the user run a malicious files or unknown files by accident, webroot will ask user whether to allow it, block it or allow and monitoring the process (the best choice if user didn't know what to do) user can see it under "Utilities" --> "System Control" --> "Control active process" and then click start, user can see all active process here, and also can allow, monitor and block it. So this also make user don't have to install any process manager software and thus..freeing your HD's space. In this utilities tab, user can also run a suspicious file on sandbox, although it's not a complete product like sandboxie does, but still..this feature could be useful.

So regarding about which one is better in terms of protection, since I'm webroot user I'd like to vote for webroot, but that only make me sounds like a fanboy right? :p
Okay seriously...to be honest I vote "None" why? because both are excellent product, Emsi won BB and dual engines, while webroot won firewall control and control active process. I consider BB, Firewall and controlling active process as a "Protection" too, so this only make me kinda confusing to choose only one, and yes you can run WSA and Emsi together, although I run it as solo :)

But what about the protection while user offline? I'm quite sure emsi won here, but that doesn't mean webroot doesn't protect you while user offline, I'm not a guru, Umbra polaris really know about this product, he could tell you better detail than me for sure, but hey..who is really being "Offline" nowadays right?
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