What is your favorite mobile device

  • Samsung

    Votes: 11 21.6%
  • iPhone

    Votes: 7 13.7%

    Votes: 2 3.9%
  • Nokia (Microsoft)

    Votes: 9 17.6%
  • HTC

    Votes: 4 7.8%
  • Sony

    Votes: 6 11.8%
  • Lenovo

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Ericsson

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • BlackBerry

    Votes: 2 3.9%
  • Other (Specify in thread)

    Votes: 10 19.6%
  • Total voters
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List of apps to compare
Which is your favorite mobile device brand?
What I am most interested about
Graphical User Interface


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Google + LG (N4 and n5, are the best nexus)

ultra few words and personal opinion xD
  1. Samsung = bloated, slow updates, other things = BAD
  2. Iphone = expensive = BAD
  3. HUAWEI = kirin = no community = BAD.
  4. Nokia (Microsoft) = great / regular on the paper = no opinion
  5. HTC = Still alive? xD
  6. Sonny = great camera, great things = great
  7. Lenovo = idk
  8. Ericsson = wh0t
  9. BlackBerry = dead
  10. Fujitsu = only japan but = realy great
  11. Motorola = great in old times = idk now.


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I've been through one Blackberry, Two Samsung's and one iPhone.
iPhone has to be my most favourite phone I've had. It's fast, and, it's responsive. It maybe a little overpriced, but that doesn't bother me.
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Currently I own Lumia 625 Nokia where the OS binds to be optimize, simple and yet high quality product from makers itself. A good thing to appreciate the overall efforts where unlike most mainstream mobile devices didn't care to equalize other category.

Next thing is ASUS Fonepad, where Intel architecture incorporated hence performance wise and as very good battery saver.


Other inputs based on my experience.

HUAWEI - very poor in terms of Mediapad phones where specifications couldn't handle well on Android OS + hardware problems occur at high risk.

Samsung- one of the well known products, brought mix reviews however some smartphone products fail to optimize correctly when Lollipop is upgraded.

IPhone- no need to surprise, Apple products are well reliable in mere fact they focus on same architecture with little revisions.


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I have used LG, Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo and Sony Smart phones but i like the most Sony smart phone because of its functionality and battery timing.
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I love Nokia and Motorola phones (my favorite being Windows Nokia phones). Very reliable and fast. Built very well to. I really dislike Samsung... for many many reasons. Family member of mine really liked HTC phones (also Motorola and Nokia). They also said iPhone was a very good phone but just way too expensive. Blackberry is a mix of bad/good for me. Wouldn't ever buy one for myself (again family member owned one and I use it a few times). LG was my first cell phone. Very good quality phone.
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Phones I've owned:
Samsung Galaxy Nexus -> Nexus 5 (Play Store Edition) -> Note 4

Nexus 5 has been by far the most enjoyable phone I've ever had. Play Store edition with no bloatware and vanilla Android? Flawless.

Currently, my Note 4 has been very enjoyable as far as the S-Pen and massive screen go. But as far as Samsung and TouchWiz? I cannot stand either. I've been quite biased lately against my own phone with the recent direction of Samsung and their non-removal batteries and lack of external storage. My next phone will be back to vanilla Android for sure.. LG looks like a solid choice right now.


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I would always go with a Google Nexus (5X - latest) device. Cheaper than similar devices with those specs, clean (stock Android) operating system, gets (first) all the security and features updates..... It does have some downsides (like the camera, less than great speakers), however I really like it! : )

Nexus 5X - Google
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I had only Iphones 4 4S 5S
Simply I can not understand why people are buying this crap. you can not do anything without Itunes.
Yes it is solid and yes it is reliable but other than that its a waste of money.
Dont ask me why I keep buying coz I Never did. Always received it.
simply anything probably better
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