Which of these Web Browsers do you use?

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At the beginning of my internets, at 2005, I think, I was using Netscape Navigator which was found at CHIP magazine DVD disk... I hated Internet Explorer, because everyone was using it. After the support ended, I moved to Firefox, and I was using it until the LGBT fight inside of Mozilla, some years ago.

Then, I moved to Chrome. I love this integration with the services, also I am using Google Cast so a lot. But I dislike the removal of NSDAPI plugins now at Chrome and FF...

And also I use IE 11 to play Battlefield 3.


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I bounce between Chrome and Edge. I use Chrome as my main browser right now but will be switching to Edge as my main squeeze when they get more of the extensions I use in Chrome.


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I use Firefox for a decade and love it every single day! I even used Firebird and Phoenix and Netscape 6 before.

I also steer clear of corporate browsers from Microsoft and Google. They both send your data to their motherships.

Some third party Chrome versions like Opera, Iron or Brave are also OK but you still support the Google monopolists.


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I started out using IE 6 back in 2006-2007

Then I switched to firefox, Saw firefox slowly become less and less secure

Then I used Chrome for the past 5 years or so, becoming a bit squeemish with their privacy or lack there-of

Recently i've been trying out Opera. gotta say, im pretty impressed.
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