Which operating system are you using?

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jim lin

Level 8
i'm using Win 8 upgraded to Win 8.1 and use Virtualbox on it with Linux Lite,Linux Mint,Win Xp Home

on my other 4 pc's

2 with Win Xp MCE
1 With Ubuntu unless i change it to Win Xp Home for my test box
1 very old Laptop with Win Xp Home

paid for 2 inherited 3

i had 3 others i found in garbage cans in my Apt's that i got running again and thay had Win 98,Win ME
and Win Xp so i took the parts out i wanted and gave the rest away to recycle when we moved not long ago

i only have room for 1 or i would have like atleast 3 hooked up but mabe later if i can get a big table lol




Level 23
My desktop is Windows 7 64bit
My lappy is Win 8.1 64bit
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