Which Operating System(s) do you use?

  • Linux: Gentoo-based (Chromium OS / Tin Hat Linux / Funtoo/ Gentoo X..etc)

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For more than a decade now I've used Windows almost exclusively. 90% of the time I'm very satisfied with it's performance, stability, and large scale support (availability of software, etc). Windows suites my needs the best but as any other OS, it has it's shortcomings (not referring to malware, exploits, etc because all OS are affected - if not the OS itself, then the browser (or another piece of software).

Linux is most of the time dual booted alongside my Windows installation. Currently I'm trying out a new independent distro called Solus. It is pretty bugged in terms of using it's updater for both OS and software but this is normal for new distros - especially those built mostly by the developer rather than basing off another.

I'd like to own a Mac (prefer desktop) someday. The look of Mac OSX alone makes me want it badly. As for distros of Linux (especially for beginners), I recommend Linux Mint, Zorin OS, and Elementary OS. Out of the three I suggest Linux Mint for it's very good stability/support by community which I find is only matched by Arch based OS (such as Manjaro) however Arch based are one of the most difficult to learn especially if you go directly after Arch itself. Manjaro has made the Arch distro much easier to work with and I can say it's good for moderately experienced Linux users and up. The OS has the ability to boot into live mode so that you can mess around without installing anything (as does Linux Mint and many many others).

For desktop environments, I highly recommend checking out XFCE or MATE which most popular distros use via downloading the ISO that utilizes that theme. I wouldn't install them yourself since it tends to cause problems or just doesn't work at all. These two are very light but can be modified easily by downloading themes over the internet. Many themes that work for XFCE work for MATE and vice versa. If I remember correctly it is due to GTK3 being used (someone correct me if I'm wrong - might be thinking of something else).


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This is another interesting Poll.
Interesting timing, since just a couple days ago, I started looking up info on Linux Distributions, beyond trying out Mint.

I came up with some (a list) just yesterday I'd like to try on my retired desktop.

Peppermint - The Linux Desktop OS

Zorin OS - Home



The leading OS for PC, tablet, phone and cloud | Ubuntu

Chalet aka (La-toilette) Polish speakers will know the toilet part ;)


Ubuntu or MATE
Ubuntu MATE

Revive that old PC! < The LXLE Desktop

Any suggestions welcome, although I was not a fan of Linux Mint (Cinnimon),... mainly its look (ew green and grey), and partly performance too, this was still good though... and very easy on RAM. Icons seemed small, maybe better on BIGGER screen (installed on small 11" screen laptop) I prefered using the Linux live CD I have. The install felt clunkier.

What is up with React OS Front Page | ReactOS Project... its not Linux but a Windows like 2000/XP? Do they have upgrades for the outdated code framework etc?, is there a good reason to use it over XP or other expired Windows?
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Currently using Windows 10 64bit, because I need Premiere Pro and other raw photo tools, and some gaming, but I dual boot with Hackintosh on another HDD. Thinking transferring my working stuff there and use Windows just to game.
Can anytime use a Linux distro for...stuff...you know:)


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I am running Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon now as my only operating system. Linux runs a lot lighter and smoother, I think anyway.I think Windows has too many moving parts and things tend to go wrong. I was running Windows 10 Anniversary Pro 64 bit, and every time I would wake it from sleep something new would go wrong with it. Linux just works for me.
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Damm, you're right, I've seen many users use very powerful commands that can knock down the system as rm -rf /,... OMG
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Paul B.

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I've been on linux for a year, and would not go back. I still work on Windows units, and while there are some neatly polished areas to the OS, I don't like the direction the UI has gone in, I don't like the increasing degree of MS control, and I don't like the monetization model. I don't trust MS and am glad to be done with them.

Linux is ready. Not, will be ready soon; but, is ready now. It has come a long way. Some fine points are still a touch rough, but they are minor. The feeling of freedom and security is worth far more than any slight inconvenience.


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Well, I should reiterate what I have said earlier in the thread. Built a Hackintosh, no prior knowledge, everything worked just fine. Had some projects to finish ( video editing in PPro) done it, worked like a charm. But I decided to re-try it maybe at the beginning of next year, make a more knowledgeable Hackintosh then. Currently back to a dual-boot of Linux Mint 18 and Windows 10 Pro x64.
Maybe the stuff that are keeping me bound to a Windows machine are : The gaming part and I did not found a software that could replace Adobe Lightroom and Premiere Pro and Plural Eyes for the sync part.
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