Which Operating System(s) do you use?

  • Linux: Gentoo-based (Chromium OS / Tin Hat Linux / Funtoo/ Gentoo X..etc)

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Of course every vital task should use within Windows OS no matter what version. Considering simple, straightforward and lots of programs compatible.

Meanwhile Linux on the other hand is very fine for casual users on browsing and deep programming development.


For 8 years and counting, I've used Windows all the time and barely for Linux; it is all about user preferences.


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Damn, can't make up my mind. Cannot stop using Windows 10 because of the gaming part mostly and some Adobe stuff, but I just installed Elementary OS. Let's see how this works:)


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I actually have 2 computers: one with Windows 7 and a Macbook Pro with macOS Sierra. I like Linux, but for different reasons I need some specific softwares that I can only get them in Windows and macOS so I don't use it.


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Windows 10 on 2 machines, Vista and XP on 2 others. I like Puppy Linux for fun and as a tool to remove files and folders on Windows which resist deletion from within. Windows 10 is very fast and I got it free from MS. The privacy issue can be minimized in settings, manually turning off a lot of unnecessary connections with MS.


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Just moved back to Windows after 2 weeks dumped it for Ubuntu, I feel like a man finally able to get access to wifi in the jungle :D
Performance wise, Windows serves me better though I hate the way M$ ruining it :(

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I've been using Windows my whole life but I'll be a macOS user in the upcoming weeks and will be ditching Windows for the first time! :)
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