Which password manager do you use?

  • Bitwarden

    Votes: 34 34.0%
  • LastPass

    Votes: 26 26.0%
  • Keeper

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Dashlane

    Votes: 3 3.0%
  • Sticky Password

    Votes: 11 11.0%
  • RoboForm

    Votes: 2 2.0%
  • 1Password

    Votes: 4 4.0%
  • Zoho Vault

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Provided by my security software (F-Secure, Avast, Trend Micro, Kaspersky etc. leave a comment)

    Votes: 3 3.0%
  • Other (leave a comment)

    Votes: 17 17.0%
  • Total voters


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Which password manager do you use?

I'm heavily considering Bitwarden. I have heard a lot of good things about this company.

I prefer extensions for Chrome over desktop softwares and I also priorities the extension to be secure and reliable. If it's possible I would like to use a free extension over payed ones.

What can you recommend?

I know that this has been discussed before but I miss a poll to give me an overview of what the community is using.


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I'll be brief because I'm on the phone.

I was a keepass user, but I had bad integration with the browser.

Then I used very little time avast password, kaspersky password... that really were managers of 3rd companies, as sticky password.

Then it goes to lastpass where I used it for many years, but every time it was heavier, I do not like very much the company behind and I noticed it very loaded...

I jumped to Bitwarden and I'm very happy, I would like some free function of the paid... but the paid version is really cheap.

I know there are others like 1 password, dashlane... but with severe limitations on free or expensive payment. I'm always looking for something free or cheap as bitwarden.


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Bitwarden was my first touch with the password managers

Been using it for half year now, very satisfied. Im using bitwardens password generator to make passwords and simply login to websites with them, also theres option to check all your passwords are they leaked in security breaches


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Left Sticky Password for Bitwarden. 2FA with andOTP. Nice.

When I get more time, I hope to use my server for Bitwarden and move from the cloud.
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Been using Last Pass for years. Thinking 7,8 years or so. was included with Webroot Secure Anywhere Complete. Only still use it as a standalone, because I'm still burning free gratis beta licenses. I do have genuine Last Pass on a couple of machines, and it works fine for me. Have used dashlane on my phone, it also works fine.


Level 4
Been using Keepass for as long as I can remember and I'm pretty happy with it.

My only gripe is that it is built with .NET so running it in other OS than Windows can be a pain in the butt. I know there are several Keepass forks which run natively in Linux and OSX but I don't really like those forks.

I keep testing any other password managers but nothing clicked with me so far. Just use whatever suit you best.


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i've used all the password managers listed on the poll and some others. So here's my list in order of preference:

Cloud based:
  1. Lastpass
  2. Bitwarden
  3. Roboform
  4. Dashlane
  5. Keeper
  6. Zoho Vault
Local sync:
  1. Sticky Password (backups of LP/BW/RF data)
  2. Keepass (backups of LP/BW/RF data)
  3. Enpass - I am a former user. Please check the security audit report and evaluate this application's security for yourself. I am not yet convinced.
Top 3 - Lastpass, Bitwarden, Roboform

IMO it is a close tie between LP and BW. Hope Bitwarden's author can implement geo-based restrictions as well. BW wins the VFM round hands down and LP's pricing has got me thinking.


Level 1
If you want to use a cloud based password manager, i prefer Bitwarden. But only with 2FA enabled.

For a local password manager i prefer KeePass.

You may should considers, what kind of data (logins) you will store in the cloud. Money payment account should be stored only in a local password manager and not in the cloud.


Level 5
An Anecdote – Brandon Davis – Medium

"When you first install BitWarden in your browser, the default option is to never forget the master key that unlocks your secrets. The first time you log in, that key is written to disk, and it might never get unwritten.
Even if you change the default option immediately, you get a copy of your master key on disk."

An old issue - but it dosen't really inspire a lot of confidence if you read about how fixing the flaw was handled.


Level 4
There's no best, goes down to personal preference and ones needs.

For me is KeePass (which isn't even mentioned in the pool), there's no way in my right mind I would ever have any passwords in the cloud.
I was actually going to add KeePass but the option to add is limited. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

Dave Russo

Level 13
I use Kaspersky paid version ,no complaints,not expensive,and finally Edge browser has extention for it,It was so slow to allow many password managers except theirs which I had trouble with..