Level 32
Whats my fave VPN? Hmm honestly i dont know lol i haven't decided yet i'm using Avira Phantom VPN since Windscribe is blocked by the Gov lol Phantom VPN is really good and the speed is very good, unfortunately i know there are some good VPNs they are blocked by the Gov, SHAME...
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Level 6
Avira Phantom VPN Pro on Windows. Speeds are very good! But the Android app seems a bit unreliable.

Windscribe Pro on Android. It is very reliable, but the speeds on Windows are slower than with Avira Phantom.
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carsten ibsen

Level 24
I also use the Windscribe Proxy extension both for Chrome & Firefox(when I am not on another VPN)and I find it very useful.:)

arslan ejaz

Level 10
WIndscribe User for about a year. Speed is acceptable but sometimes it drops. App Gui's are good and clean. Connects fast. also offers double hop feature. I recommend.
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Level 2
To test our defenses against malicious files it is recommended to use a vm/vpn. Are there any free vpn for that purpose?



Level 4
i have nothing to spy on! Nothing to worry about when using Hotspot Shield. No ads injected.
Do you vote? If the answer is yes, then you have the right to protect your political opinions, spying on you makes it easier to manipulate your opinion, like what happened in Cambridge analytica scam.
Every fully functional adult human being has something private, be it his medical history or political preferences or something else. The sooner people understand it, the better.


Level 2
My favorite VPN would be ProtonVPN, as my default main private browsing VPN

my supplemental VPNs would be
TorGuard for their dedicated ip, which is an excellent streaming VPN

and VPNArea for the p2p server's, which I get really amazing torrenting speed's from compared to other VPN service's
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