Which will be your browser of 2018 ?

  • Google Chrome

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Opera

  • Other (Specify in thread)

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i tried palemoon and I wasn't happy with ít performance. It still feels slow and sluggish
I don't feel comfortable using after many of using chrome
facebook notification. When I receive a message chrome will popup a noti. With firefox, I have to open facebook to check manually

with the same extensions, chrome runs much faster than firefox 55, 56
firefox 57 is on par with chrome or maybe a bit smoother but the extension support is lacking.
You can block notification from any site on Chrome, Settings > Content Settings > Popup or Notification..


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"You can block notification from any site on Chrome, Settings > Content Settings > Popup or Notification.." - sure,

But CyberTech, these facebook notifications are useful for facebook users...

To block facebook notifications for those which don't use facebook, you can try overlay removers extensions/add-ons, or script blockers, I think

Andy Ful

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I prefer Edge (tweaked), because it fits well with the rest of my default deny security.
  1. Great compatibility with Windows 10 (also no problems with Edge updates on default deny).
  2. Great security (AppContainer, very hard to exploit).
  3. Not popular, so not attractive to criminals (less probability to be exploited in the wild).
  4. Well balanced ratio = protection/usability, on default deny security setup.
  1. Not compatible with SRP DLL checking (probably because of Edge DLL injection protection).
  2. Not the fastest browser in the world.
  3. Not as usable as Chrome and some others (but sufficiently good for me).
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i decided to use "Firefox ESR portable" release for a while because its still supporting legacy add-ons. Firefox 57 doesnt support this type of add-ons anymore.


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Personally, I'm currently using Firefox Quantum 57.0.4 (latest stable version). I don't particularly like Google Chrome as I feel this web browser is a data mining web browser. I use Firefox 57.0.4 with quite a few add-ons that all work with this web browser just to up my security for my web browser. Plus, I'm now using Sandboxie (free) to sandbox my browser even more. I'm looking into implementing Sandboxie Pro. Yes, I may seem 'paranoid'; however, I view myself being more 'security conscientious' than 'paranoid'. I'm looking forward to Firefox Quantum version 58 being released!


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