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i googled my email and theres a few domains that show my name and address like whois sites is there anyway to remove this i tried contacting webmaster but they no remove it :( im really worried that people who know my email can jsut find out where i live and stuff :(


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theres not alot of websites with my info on but a whois of my old domain brings up my name and address, its illegal to do anything with that info anyway and i think its impossible to remove it from every whois site


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Your domain provider may charge a fee for WHOIS Opt-Out, but your Name, Address and Contacts will be removed. Remember search engines may have a cached copy.

Alternate options:
Create a new Email Account.
- Head over to Outlook.com to create a new email account and use the Alias account options to use on different sites.
- Transfer any sites/logins used by that email to your new account or alias Outlook.com account.
- Never share your Alias accounts with anyone, except the site you're using it on.

How to remove WHOIS database information and protect your online privacy

Remove information from Google


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the links didnt really help i jsut want to remove the info yet theres no way of doing that on eithger link