Mahesh Sudula

Level 16
Malware Tester
Avira failed actually in that ..i remember it caused hundred of windows legitimate files and processes to quarantine
Later avira rolled out an upate to rectify it.. then decided to completely halt development of their proactive guard
2-3 yrs later to stack up with the competiton Avira sycronised their CLOUD with Huawei..this rose up their detections rapidly atleast 90% above
Avira is primarily a signatured based AV to be used with some complimentary softwares for good protection
Their signatures are still Top Notch with a very good WEB blocking..nice repair capability and Heuristics
Cons: No Boot time modules, Tenable to zero hour malwares, Luke filewalker causes alot of pain and Cpu spike, Old interface, Unnecessary Bloat
Still recommendable from my end.