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we dont recommend this here you shouldnt click everything you want comodo even has its weakness like all others sometimes comodo rating becomes > trusted that unsigned untrusted apps cracked games ie ı tried with unsigned cracked farmingsimulator2015game. exe it first unrecognized ı didint allow any alerts or /run nor change file rating this after one day in the file list it becoming trusted by comodo it is pup but comodo should not trust them
I do not click on anything. Im realy carefull. But the fact that my family can almost click on anything they want and probably nothing happens gives me a good feeling. I needed to look every week on there pcs/laptops that they dont get infected. With Comodo i rush to them maybe once a month, but nothing until now comes true the sandbox. its less stress for me. :) Always tryed to train them abit, to use virustotal and so on. Well its pointless.


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I didn't choose it, it chose me.
The wand chooses the wizard Mr. Harry potter :ROFLMAO:

You might say it's a rubbish AV, but I'm not you. I don't sit around waiting to get Windows infected.
Seriously best quote of the year thus far(y)

I'm using WD with configure defender, syshardener and OSA.

I've tried alot of 3rd party AV's and there are some great options out there, but I've just gotten tired of 3rd parties.

1. WD has come along ways protection wise, I don't feel like I'm getting anymore from 3rd parties other than more annoyances. Especially when there are plenty of other programs that you can use to increase your protection (VS, OSA, configure defender/hard configurator, etc...)

2. I don't need prompts for this and that to tell me it's working.

3. I don't need ads and to be told to upgrade, I just need it to work in the background.

4. While there's some performance hit when transferring large files, something I don't do very often, I don't notice it at all.

5. Webpages load much faster.

6. Works with all W10 upgrade and doesn't expire.

7. Keeps improving with each version.

8. Some issues with FP, but hasn't affected me in anyway thus far.
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