To Fix in most cases the UI not loading, try a clean install with Avast Offline installer, 9 times out of 10 that solves that issue, Online installer sometimes doesn't download a file right it seems

Avast antivirus is light in performance part I do like

Ads not sure on

Scan speed nice and fast

Defender slower, takes ages to do full scan

not sure 100 percent if wanna stay with it
Did find something else out with Avast 19.1.2360, in other to have Behavior shield advanced threat protection need the following on for it to work, otherwise disabled it seems

Allow usage data to be shared with 3rd parties for analytics

Source Avast forum new version topic, 9th page


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The "Failed to load GUI" was too common since the release of Win10 1709 I think, It was pretty common. That was the main reason I moved away from Avast. Even if the main protection of Avast might still be active but if end user can't open the GUI he/she will feel the system is not protected. It's just psychological/human nature.
2019 edition of Avast is super fast and I mean like Webroot/Eset fast, just try it. No issues so far on secondary system.
PS I don't select all the components while installing Avast. I don't install the web shield (slows down web considerably), software updater, wifi scanner, and other gimmicks.

Allan Fibecker

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Maby have problem with telemetry . But is one very good antivirus, light, with strong protection
In my opinion, Avast Free, is the best freeware solution for MacBook. I don't know, if there're any workarounds to avoid the telemetry issue, which was my main reason to change from Windows to MacBook Pro Mojave. Way toi expensive, but I don't feel confident, when Microsoft keeps every keystroke on their own database. I don't get, how that is legal for paid software : /