Do you use Bing in Edge?

  • Already using Bing in Edge

    Votes: 8 21.1%
  • Yes, other Browser(s)

    Votes: 2 5.3%
  • No

    Votes: 28 73.7%
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Everyone cries about "Privacy Matters" and "If It's Free, There's a Catch".
I beg to differ; while privacy does matter and the occasional nerd rambles about it, the topic has practically no substantial reach for something that impacts every day living for an unforeseeable amount of time.

When I look around me, I'm surrounded by Facebook, Google and WhatsApp users, all merrily undressing online.

Now you may like that and that's fine, but I don't and I think that's fine just as well. A company needs to generate revenue, so there is always some agenda with free offers. You pay unlimited with your data, I pay clearly defined amounts with my credit card. It's a preference in currency if you will.

All I'm doing is trying to make sure that people make an informed decision, whatever that may be. Nothing wrong there I reckon.


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If you have any Xbox videogame you should try M$ Rewards. You can get 1-12 months Xbox Live Gold and the new Live Pass.

You need about 3 months searching to get 1 year Live Gold or Live Pass. About 4 live Golds/year. Use one and sell other 3.


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Content Creator
I almost never use Edge and bing also not that often. In terms of search results, Google is still better when you search some more difficult not obvious questions, like things about programming for example, but the results of bing have improved much than they were the past years. Bing is really not that bad, but of course because of the kind of ownership of the internet by google, it's more obvious to google instead of binging something. Currently I'm mostly using Ecosia as my default search engine, which uses results from Bing and so far I'm not much complaining. The only time I use bing itself actually is when I need to search videos. The video search of bing is way better than googles one in my opinion. There is more than google and others search engines have good features or sides too.
I'm personally not interested at all in those points you can earn, but for people that want them, it's a good initiative from MS to gain some more users.


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I'm barely using Bing as my alternative search engine but the effort of Microsoft for providing rewards is not a bad idea. It will add more users on the population for that product.