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Undercover-sponsored articles, when you read:
1- one of the criteria is telemetry, you know Chrome will obviously fail.
2- Germany, not by chance, Germany is a privacy-worried country.
3-Germany is a main market for FF, they lead over there (reason they tested their attempt to collect datas there first), obviously FF has a edge there.

Basically, i see this article as an attempt to promote and re-glorify FF compared to its opponent like chrome or Brave which became extremely popular in Netherlands (a neighbor of Germany)

dont let yourself misguided, everybody with a bit of technical knowledge about browsers, knows than Chromium security is way superior than FF; FF made huge progress, they went from weak to good security but to say they overthrown Chromium is disinformation.
FF still being compromised recently.
If you check the net Chrome is the leading browser in Germany not FF. However, FF was awarded by Germany BSI as the most secure browser although it is second in place.

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:) That is not only because Brave is developed from a innovative idea to deal with advertisements, but also because Brace logo and colors resemble the orange lion which our national symbol or coats of arms (like British Lion and older German Eagle, or more recent American Eagle).

A soccer player of the Dutch team has the lion inked on his back.