Q&A Win11SysCheck and WhyNotWin11 tell you why your PC is incompatible with Windows 11


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Aug 17, 2014


Win11SysCheck is an open source tool that tells you if a PC is compatible with Windows 11, and gives you the reason if it is not. It is more detailed than Microsoft's own tool, as it lists checks and the outcomes in the interface.

You can download a precompiled copy of Win11SysCheck form the project site. Note that you may get a SmartScreen error when you run the tool on Windows -- an installation is not required. The tool is new, and that is the reason for the error. Just ignore the error and continue with the execution.

You get a DOS window in which all checks and the returned values of them are listed. In the case of my Surface Go device, Win11SysCheck confirmed that the processor is the culprit by stating (Unsupported Intel CPU detected); this gives you a clear message.

windows 11 syscheck


WhyNotWin11 is the second open source tool that you may run. Unlike the former, it comes with a graphical user interface and provides more details on the compatibility status.

Note that you may get a SmartScreen error as well, for the very same reason than before.

The program checks all known compatibility requirements and displays whether the machine it is run on passes the requirement. It visualizes the result of the scan using colors.


Closing Words​

There may not be much that you can do about it though, depending on a number of factors. Laptops, for instance, have fixed processors, which cannot be replaced.

It is still unclear if Microsoft will use the compatible hardware when administrators initiate upgrades from Windows 10 devices, or if the list of supported CPU is designed for PC manufacturers who plan to create new PCs with Windows 11.

Windows 10 is supported until 2025. Microsoft has not said much about that, but it is likely that this entails security updates for the most part.


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Nov 19, 2012
There are actually some simple tricks that can be used to install without above requirements, like removing one file from the ISO and also some registry hack for upgrading the current OS.