Q&A Windows 10 Lite versions is safe?


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Jan 16, 2017
You shouldn't use LTSC versions as a daily driver on home computers, especially if you do stuff like gaming.

Example: if Windows gets a feature update that improves performance with DirectX, you simply won't get it because LTSC systems don't need it. And for the less apps, an ATM don't need Cortana or Metro apps, it just doesn't make sense, this is why it's removed from LTSC (it's not getting feature updates for the same reason). Metro apps won't affect performance as they get suspended and consumes 0% of CPU and a absolutely small quantity of RAM, and there is literally no difference between Windows 10 editions like Pro and Home to LTSC in terms of performance (the difference is like 0,8%).
I disagree on performance. Can't speak of others but LTSC performs better for me compared to regular home/pro/enterprise editions. Like 15-20% better.
But I'll agree with other points made in this thread. For gamers, it might be better to stay with regular editions. I'm a non gamer so doesn't affect me. And its a very low chance you can get it legally anyway.