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After the anniversary update, Windows 10 sometimes gets stuck in a login loop.

I enter the correct password or PIN, it loads for a longer-than-usual time, and it returns to the login picture.
I have to restart the PC to login again.

Come on, Windows!

EDIT: Windows 10 sometimes (ie, occasionally) gets stuck in a login loop. Usually, it's fine.
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Have you tried to boot into "Safe Mode"?.. (It has fixed your issue for a few people online)

  • When you are at the login or sign-in screen, click the power button, hold down the Shift key and then click Restart option.
  • When you restart your PC, you will see the Choose an option screen where you need to click the Troubleshoot tile.
  • Next, at the Troubleshoot screen, click Advanced options tile.
  • When you see the Advanced options screen, click the Startup settings tile.
  • Finally, on the Startup Settings screen, click the Restart button to restart your PC.
  • Upon restarting your PC...Press 4 or F4 key to boot Windows 10 in Safe mode.
A guy online that had the same issue as you said the following...

I restarted in "Safe mode" and while booting I got the message -
"We're setting some things up for you" and that seemed to complete the update process.
I rebooted normally and that took me to my standard desktop - success!


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Okay, I got this same issue on my laptop now...

Some applications I have in common:
Process Lasso

I thing f.lux might be the culprit (but the uninstaller doesn't work). Can anyone else confirm?
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Posted this on another site, but here is the fix:

I have fixed the lock screen loop by the following procedure:

1. Hold <Shift> key and click restart on lock screen.
2. Navigate to Troubleshoot -> Advanced Options -> Startup Settings -> Restart
3. Choose option 5 with the <5> key.
4. Right click the Windows button and choose Powershell (Admin)
5. Run "cmd"
5a. "sfc /scannow"
5b. "dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth"
5c. "dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth"

Note: If you have not done any theme customization, skip to Step 7.

(This requires you to delete all of your theme settings if you have anything custom)
6. Right click the Windows button and choose Powershell (Admin)
6a. "cd C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\"
6b. "ls" (This shows you what is here)
6c. Find the theme that your computer is using, or look at all files with ".theme"
6d. Move all those files that are not except "aero.theme" as follows:
"mv <name>.theme <name>.bad" (The extenstion doesnt matter, just make them the same, usually folders anyway.)
6e. Replace those names with aero as follows:
"cp aero.theme <name>.theme" (Do this for every other theme you moved, exactly as the names were)
6f. Remove all of the custom themes that might have caused an issue as follows:
"rm .\*.bad" (or whatever suffix you gave them all)

7. Right click the Windows Button and go to -> Shut down or sign out -> Restart
8. When your PC restarts, it should come to the same lock screen that it was stuck on but now logging in works as intended.

9. Be Relieved.
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