Troubleshoot Windows 10 PC Stuck On Scanning And Repairing Drive Screen


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Feb 22, 2022
Hello everyone. Yesterday evening my Windows 10 PC suddenly rebooted while I was doing some important work and got stuck in the 'Scanning and Repairing Drive Screen'. I did some google research on this topic and after reading this article, I canceled the scan because it was showing 2 hours ETA. Windows 10 PC booted after canceling the scan but took some extra time. Now my main concern is, what could be the problem behind it? Should I consider buying a new storage device if I run into similar problems again? Will all my files be lost in the future? Please share some of your experiences.

Dave Russo

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May 26, 2014
I do not know the source of this problem,but,a external drive for a backup program ( for me is a must(Macrium is my suggestion) also other backup programs have cloud backup(Acronis offers this but expensive),yes in my earlier computer years lost everything,a real drag,I t happens,but didn't have to .gl
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Dec 4, 2014
If you are using a hard drive and not a SSD, it sounds like it has errors on it. I recoomend that you install the trial version of Hard Disk Sentinel.

It will read the drive's own diagnostic data and instantly tell you if it has serious issues, and give a very rough estimate of how long the drive will last for. If it says the drive may fail soon, it's best to stop using the drive and getting a replacement one. I'd recommend getting a SSD rather than hard drive, as they are so much faster. If the damage on the original drive is not too bad, then often you can clone the failing drive to a new one, and aferwards the new drive will boot, with no obvious data loss. I used to recommend using EaseUS Disk Copy for this, as there was an old version of it that was free and it can keep running when it enounters an error. However, it seems that they now block you from installing old versions.
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