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How much RAM does Windows 10 is using on your PC excluding all background processes consider only windows processes?


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On my PC it is using 1.3 RAM with only windows processes. Any idea to control it as i have only 4GB RAM.
RAM is usually important for example for 3D modelling software, video editing software and similar and games. If you do not do any of those tasks the RAM you have avalaible is enough.


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Windows Clean Install - 1,5 GB RAM and about 122 processes, just the usual Windows stuff. :sneaky:
Windows Crippled - 850MB and 40 processes (out of 3,4GB - 50MB used by apps and 2,5GB by RAMDisk)
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CleanMem Free/Pro - set the created task to run every 5 mins instead of default 15 mins and definitely disable Superfetch.

How to Disable SuperFetch/SysMain in Windows 10 Version 1809
Thanks man. It is an amazing software. But will it effect my "RAM life" or any negative effect on my RAM health?