Windows 10 Windows 10 Settings gets a modern Disk Management tool


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Nov 10, 2017

Microsoft continues to migrate legacy Windows tools into modern versions found in the Windows 10 settings with the introduction of a new Disk Managerment tool.

Since Microsoft introduced its modern Settings interface in Windows 8, users have been left with a confusing mess of how to configure Windows settings.

Do they use the new modern Windows settings interface, old legacy tools, or the Control Panel to customize the operating system?
In July, Microsoft announced that they were migrating the widely-used System control panel into the modern Windows 10 About settings page.

Microsoft has also started testing redirecting Windows 10 users who opened the older System control panel to this new About page.

To BleepingComputer, this indicated that Microsoft ultimately wants to do away with the old legacy controls in the Control Panel and eventually move everything to the new modern Settings interface.



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Jan 8, 2011
I use the legacy Control Panel less often, but it's still nice to see the tools are available. As with the classic Disk Cleanup, Optimise Drives and Snipping Tool (The new Snip & Sketch is better!)

Modern UI
+ Friendly
- Lose functionality (for IT users)

Classic UI
+ Access to all functions
- Overwhelming (for novice users)