Windows File Recovery for Windows 10 - A new app that helps recover deleted data


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Nov 10, 2017
Get App: Get Windows File Recovery - Microsoft Store

Microsoft has quietly released a file recovery app that might come in handy if you’ve accidentally deleted an important file or have corrupted data on your disk, flash drive, or memory card. Windows File Recovery is essentially a command-line tool compiled as a Microsoft Store app.

While it offers comprehensive recovery options supporting a variety of file types (photos, documents, videos, and more) and different file systems (NTFS, FAT, exFAT, and ReFS), it is geared towards power users and system administrators because of its command-line experience.

There are three modes you can use to recover files - Default, Segment, and Signature.

Microsoft recommends using the Default mode for NTFS file system (HDD/SSD on your Windows PC, external hard drives, >4GB flash drives) if the file you’re looking for has been recently deleted. If the file has been deleted a while ago or you are running Windows File Recovery after formatting a disk or on a corrupted disk, you should first try the Segment mode, followed by the Signature mode. For the supported file types on FAT, exFAT, and ReFS file system (SD cards and <4GB flash drives), it is recommended you use the Signature mode. Read more about the command syntax and options available here.

Windows File Recovery requires Windows 10 build 19041 or later and is available as a free download on the Microsoft Store. The app does not support recovery on cloud storage and network file shares, mind you.



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Dec 25, 2015
Oh, interesting! I'm gonna give this a shot myself and see what it can find on some old drives. I'll edit this with an update.

So I used the "PNG,JPEG" flag and let the process run for a while and it recovered a fair amount of data! I'm impressed!
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Sep 13, 2018
Article excerpt:

"Microsoft is releasing its own Windows File Recovery tool, designed to retrieve files you’ve mistakenly deleted. Windows File Recovery is a command line app that will recover a variety of files and documents from local hard drives, USB drives, and even SD cards from cameras. Recovery of files on cloud storage or network file shares is not supported, though.

Like any file recovery tool, you’ll need to use it as soon as possible on deleted files to ensure they haven’t been overwritten. You’ll be able to use Microsoft’s new tool to recover MP3 files, MP4 videos, PDF documents, JPEG images, and typical Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents."

TechPowerUp supplements The Verge"s article with further information:

"The File Recovery Tool is already available as a download from Microsoft's app store (and requires Windows 10 version 19041.0 or higher).

The lack of a GUI could be a put-off for some users; but again, this is a free tool from the company. As a refresher, a file isn't fully deleted if you only use Windows' "delete" function - even if you delete it from the Recycle Bin afterwards. All that does is tell the OS that that those particular storage addresses are available for being written to again - the bits that the file is made of are still there. This is the reason why successful file recovery depends mostly on whether or not new information has been written to those particular cells again. If it has, chances to recover your data are slim."

Full TPU article here

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