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I’ll likely run only Windows Defender and VoodooShield on the new laptop and keep 3rd party apps to a minimum.
My 4GB pc is running on WD + vs + tinywall. I avoided third-party software because we wanted to simplify the environment recovery when doing a clean installation.:)

This is pretty much my approach now. I have a very tiny list of 3rd party AVs that I like and would use, but for the most part I'm more about keeping things simple. Especially with the improved protection from WD and W10 as a whole, it's getting harder and harder to justify 3rd party AVs IMO. Suppliment that with VS, OSA, H_C, etc... and I really doubt that anyone would get infected, not to mention creating a much more stable system IMHO.(y) Furthermore, I've also relied upon more built in features within Windows, ie: using the built in disk cleaner, instead of 3rd party programs, in order to keep things simple and stable. :):emoji_beer: