Expired Windscribe VPN: Free 50 GB per month for life

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Windscribe VPN - 50 GB per month for life

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To get 50 GB per month, follow these steps:
  • Go to https://rus.windscribe.com/ .
  • Create a new free account by choosing Have a Voucher? and specifying the following Voucher Code: BATKA420


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Jul 2, 2020
Get 50 GB per month for free on a permanent basis with Windscribe VPN on all your devices. VPN service encrypts your online activity and unblocks content that is not available in your region
Windscribe VPN is a secure VPN service designed to anonymously surf the web and bypass regional restrictions when visiting blocked sites.
The application comes with a user-friendly and modern interface that is well-thought-out and intuitive. To get started, just select the server you want, and Windscribe VPN will automatically create an encrypted connection, which will ensure anonymity and privacy while surfing.
The application has a built-in firewall function that allows you to disconnect all connections that are not established via VPN. Thus, Windscribe VPN provides an extra layer of protection by preventing your real IP address from leaking. The function will be very useful when you restart your computer or when the Wi-Fi connection suddenly fails.


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Aug 17, 2014
I'm unsure it works for long time as seems to be kind of limited: :unsure:



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Jun 26, 2020
Work for me in Portugal.

Butt i have to uninstall the application, wight CPU usage with Glasswire and Endpoint security. I think because Windscribe have a built-in firewall.
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Oct 1, 2019
Thanks for the tip, it works from Netherlands. Added it to my girlfriends laptop and told het to check prices before buying something using Windscribe (using Amsterdam as location). We once noticed a 60 euro price difference for a ticket only holiday flight (all of a sudden prices started to rise when she was looking, when I checked with phone using BulletVPN, it still showed the initial offering).
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Feb 25, 2017
I wonder why people still use Windscribe's free version. Isn't ProtonVPN free better in terms of security and privacy without any limit? The speeds are also acceptable. Just wondering tbh :unsure:
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