WinOptimizer - Advanced SystemCare or leave it like that?

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I have currently installed: Wise DiskCleaner, PerfectDisk & Revo Uninstaller. Should I replace Wise Disk Cleaner with WinOptimizer or Advanced SystemCare? Or leave the whole thing as it is?


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In my opinion, Advanced SystemCare is much better than WinOptimizer. Even the new v16 of WinOptimizer didn't seem to offer much improvement over the previous version. For cleaning junk, Wise Disk Cleaner, does much better than ASC or WinOptimizer.

Mahesh Sudula

Level 17
Delete history, cookies, passwords regularly in all the browsers
Make sure u leave C: storage with atleast 8-10G GB to prevent slow down
I have never experienced any such beneit with any of the tools over internet.
WiseDisk Cleaner - Used it does the same a bit deep though. Still i wont recommend any of these tools
Use Custom made uninstallers to prevent trash and registry enteries on hard disk.


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I tried many pc cleaners,including the above and the one which made significant difference from the others, at boot time and daily speed usage, was Kerish Doctor.All the others were near the same level.


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Really, you should avoid anything that has adjectives in the description or title like: speed up, tune, optimize, enhance, boost, fix errors, increase this, increase that. No matter how flashy the graphics look or how many customer testimonials are posted.
source ( Best PC system tools? - All Other Applications

I highly recommend ADW Cleaner, Combofix, RKill, and other similar utilities only be used under the supervision of BC staff or similar staff of other similarly high-quality forums. Reason for recommendation: these type of utilities are quite powerful and often are quite invasive -- unintended consequences can result if not run with precision, with specific purposes/goals in mind, cautiously, carefully. Anyone involved in such a DIY project ought to make sure backups are indeed restorable, or, that Windows install DVDs are close by.
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I'm not a fan of these all in on tuneup programs, especially if you don't know what you're doing and you use the one click tuneup option which so many of them have. You can very easily do more harm than good. I used to use CCleaner before the well publicised problems but now I just use Windows built in disk cleanup tool. I also use Ultra Defrag defragmenter occasionally but that's about it.

So my advice would be if you're already using any of these tuneup programs, stop, and if you're thinking of using them, don't.


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"So my advice would be if you're already using any of these tuneup programs, stop, and if you're thinking of using them, don't"

I disagree with the above opinion. Reason for is that Wise Disk Cleaner is a a great tool for Novice & normal users. Where as an Advanced user would probably use Glary Ultilities or built in Windows Cleaner.

Wise Disk Cleaner is great for most things. Plus you can always look at YouTube videos and online articles on how to use certain softwares.



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Try Privacy Eraser or Bleachbit and see by yourself if is that is you looking for.

I am VERY satisfied using them both in my machine